Here’s SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s True Personality, According To Rapper Lee Young Ji

“People don’t know he is really…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan recently appeared on rapper Lee Young Ji‘s series No Prepare and warmed fans’ hearts by how comfortable they were with each other.

Lee Young Ji | @youngji_02/Instagram

In fact, Lee Young Ji revealed a side of Seungkwan’s personality that a lot of people may not be familiar with.

Lee Young Ji and Seungkwan. | @pledis_17/Twitter

When discussing their shared MBTI personality type ENFP, Seungkwan mentioned a misconception that many people have of him. Using his hands to exaggerate, he said, “People think Seungkwan is going to be like, ‘Yay, people! I am [an] extrovert!’ like this.

Instead of doing things like hyping himself up for the show, Seungkwan was the type to think carefully about a gift for Lee Young Ji. He got one of her favorite sweets: a box of colorful macarons. She was so touched by the present that she called him “an adorable boy” and gave a peek at his true personality off-camera.

Even though Seungkwan is always seen as super outgoing on variety shows, Lee Young Ji revealed that wasn’t always the case. Seungkwan nodded in agreement as she said, “People don’t know he is really shy.

Lee Young Ji even made Seungkwan laugh by imitating just how shy he truly is.

Now it makes perfect sense why Seungkwan is still so shy around his HYBE labelmates TXT.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Watch close friends Lee Young Ji and Seungkwan have fun talking about their personalities here.