SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Reveals His Feelings About Working With Children On Variety Show “Job Dongsan”

Working with kids can be stressful!

SEVENTEEN‘s talented vocalist Seungkwan recently participated in a lovely pictorial and interview with Elle Korea!

In his interview, Seungkwan discussed the various variety programs he has been involved with lately. For one, Seungkwan is one of the MCs on the new variety show Job Dongsan.

Along with Seungkwan are his fellow MCs, comedian Kang Ho Dong and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk. The show centers around helping kids learn about their dream careers. No matter their age or the type of job they desire, Seungkwan, Kang Ho Dong, and Eunhyuk are happy to act as their agents and help fulfill their dreams.

While being on a show with a bunch of children might sound stressful for some people, Seungkwan assured his fans that, since he loves children, doing the show with several kids isn’t difficult for him.

I love children so it’s not difficult to deal with the cast members. Children also have their own standards and strictness. The children remind me of my childhood whenever I was told by my fellow neighbors that I was ‘intelligent.’

— Seungkwan

Aside from his time on Job Dongsan, Seungkwan also discussed another variety show he recently filmed for. Along with several other amazing idols, Seungkwan will be featured on Amazing Saturday‘s upcoming special spin-off of their dictation segment! The spin-off is titled Idol Dictation Contest  (literal translation).


Seungkwan expressed that being on the show was a very fun moment for him; however, he also wants to show more of himself as SEVENTEEN’s vocalists instead of an entertainer.

It must be a fixed program! The filming was so much fun. Sometimes I get concerned that I’m only showing myself as an entertainer. I think I need to show more of myself as SEVENTEEN’s vocalist. That’s why I am always uploading videos of me covering songs.

— Seungkwan

Source: Elle Korea