SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Praises TWICE’s Jihyo’s Live Vocal Skills And Amazing Ad-Libs

“TWICE worked so hard on their ad-libs.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan recently held a live broadcast where he listened to several iconic K-Pop songs!

After playing several legendary songs such as VIXX‘s “Eternity”, “Paradise” by EXO, and more, Seungkwan also made sure to listen to TWICE‘s debut hit “Like Ooh-Ahh”

While singing along to the song, Seungkwan perfectly hit Jihyo‘s high note ad-lib from one of TWICE’s live performances. After, Seungkwan mentioned Jihyo and praised her amazing vocal skills!

Seungkwan shared that once during TWICE’s rehearsal, Seungkwan was able to witness and hear just how amazing Jihyo’s vocals are live. He commented that she didn’t have to go so hard but she did and she totally crushed it!

During this time, I would watch them rehearse and Jihyo would do this part raw. I would think ‘why?’ which it’s a natural thing to do, but wow….she didn’t have to do it.

— Seungkwan

Seungkwan also praised other groups, as well as SEVENTEEN, as they all worked hard on doing great live ad-libs at the time!

At this time GFRIEND, Oh My Girl, and TWICE worked so hard on their ad-libs that we had to too. We had to show everyone we could too.

— Seungkwan

It’s clear Seungkwan has always paid attention to Jihyo’s ad-libs as he also shared, “It’s been a while, Dokyeom and I used to copy (Jihyo’s high note) every day.

Following his praise for Jihyo and her vocal ability, Seungkwan continued and shared how TWICE and SEVENTEEN often bumped into one another due to similar promoting schedules. Seungkwan even shared an embarrassing moment he had with TWICE.

Seungkwan also mentioned how the TWICE danced to their “Mansae” Mnet‘s “Random Play Dance” and targeted SEVENTEEN next. SEVENTEEN then danced to TWICE’s “Ooh Ahh.”