Multiple Fans Hilariously Reveal They Found SHINee Taemin’s Photocard In A SEVENTEEN Album

“Taemin, what are you doing there?!”

Recently, a few fans have stepped forward to share their unique and unexpected photocard experience with SEVENTEEN‘s newest mini-album, Ready For Love.

| @mkmin9yu_17/Twitter

When opening the album, nobody was prepared to find a photocard of SHINEE‘s Taemin! However, multiple fans have reported the hilarious situation happening to them.

| @mkmin9yu_17/Twitter

The photocards are from Taemin’s latest EP Advice and appear to be misprints with lines through the picture or a white bar across the bottom.

| @um__lee/Twitter

However, the strangest part is that SEVENTEEN and Taemin are not even close to being label mates. With SHINEE hailing from SM Entertainment and SEVENTEEN now under HYBE, fans are wondering how the mix up happeend.

| @aJx3Bo6HIbs4WQM/Twitter

However, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Fans have reported finding SEVENTEEN photocards in an NCT album…

| @snottylee/Twitter

…as well as TVXQ photos in MAMAMOO albums!

It seems fans will never know which idol will pop up in their album next!

| @aJx3Bo6HIbs4WQM/Twitter