SEVENTEEN Had A Nagging Competition, Proving Once And For All Who The Mom Of The Group Is

SEVENTEEN shows that they are a family like any other.

Just like any family, SEVENTEEN, is no exception from experiencing small arguments here and there. In their recent guest appearance in IDOL ROOM, the SEVENTEEN members were asked if there were any members who help the group stay disciplined, and true enough, there was one amongst 13 members.

Seungkwan was unanimously voted as the member who helps keep the members in shape with his kind words and love, just like a mother.

HoshiWonwoo, and DK spilled that Seungkwan likes to remind his members to take their vitamins, to take care of their bodies and their health, not to eat snacks, and to turn off the air conditioner when they aren’t using it!

The nagging competition started with Seungkwan and DK, where Seungkwan told DK that he shouldn’t eat a lot if he decides to start with his diet. Seungkwan also reminded group leader S.coups to take his vitamins, however both DK and S.coups couldn’t think of anything to complain about Seungkwan.

Just when we thought that Seungkwan couldn’t get any more perfect than we thought he is, Mingyu challenged Seungkwan to the nagging competition himself. Mingyu easily gained the support of the other members as he told Seungkwan that although they are thankful for his being thoughtful, he should stop nagging them because the members can take care of themselves well.

Meanwhile, The8 told Mingyu to share his burdens with the group whenever he has a difficult time and ended his message with a hug.

After winning against Mingyu, The8 was challenged by Hoshi, however Hoshi couldn’t save himself after The8 reminded him that he is human and not a tiger. The8 won the nagging competition and was claimed to be SEVENTEEN’s Number 1 in Mom Power.

SEVENTEEN shows how much they care about each other through telling each other how they can take care of themselves more and improve as individuals and as a group. This is indeed a real family.