SEVENTEEN’s Stylist Reveals Why They Often Wear The Same Clothes And Issues An Apology

Their stylist offered an understandable reason.

When fans spot the members of SEVENTEEN, they sometimes notice something familiar about their appearances. On more than a few occasions, some of the members wore the same clothing that’s been seen on another, like this black shirt on Jeonghan and Joshua.

The group’s stylist Kang Min Su appeared on Comment Defenders and addressed it, “SEVENTEEN sharing clothes… How many times did this happen?” Upon seeing the evidence, Kang Min Su understood immediately. “Ah! I think I know what it is.

Kang Min Su pointed out that some of the clothing SEVENTEEN wears is purchased on their own. “They have clothes they bought personally among the clothes they wore in official events.

Because they share clothing among each other, it’s easy for them to be photographed wearing the same clothing items. In fact, the members even have three of the same shirt, which increases the chances of many of them being seen in it.

Since they live together, sometimes they share clothes. Or, sometimes there are two to three of the same clothes. So, there are many of the same clothes that they have and wore in official events.

— Kang Min Su

As their stylist, it made Kang Min Su a bit sad to witness, “I’m sad. It’s not me who did that.

Even though it wasn’t his fault and could be difficult to prevent, Kang Min Su apologized and assured fans he would do it best to stop it. “I apologize. I won’t let that happen next time.

Kang Min Su shouldn’t worry too much. The members of SEVENTEEN don’t mind wearing couple outfits and show them off whenever they notice it.

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See their lively stylist Kang Min Su answer a question that many have been wondering about.