Filipino Carats Raise Two Major Concerns About SEVENTEEN’s Upcoming “Be The Sun” Concert In Bulacan To Local Organizers

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SEVENTEEN is heading to the Philippines for the second time this year. Following the success of their two-day Be The Sun in Manila concert last October 8 to 9, they are set to return in December, this time in Bulacan.

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The Philippine Arena, the venue where the PLEDIS Entertainment boy group is set perform, can accommodate a whopping 55,000 people. The previous location where they performed, Mall of Asia Arena, has a capacity of 15,000 people in comparison.

Though the prospect of having a bigger venue was an exciting one, CARATs had many concerns that they raised to the organizers, Live Nation PH, on the day that the seat plan and ticket prices were revealed.

Several key words such as “LNPH,” “ANG MAHAL,” “SEVENTEEN,” and more trended in the local Twitter sphere where two key concerns were brought up.

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1. Ticket Prices

First up, the general price range of the tickets was higher than expected from Php 1,850 ($31 USD) to Php 18,450 ($316 USD).

Since the Philippine Arena has a greater seating capacity, most sections will have a less clear view of the stage. CARATs expected the ticket prices for Be The Sun in Bulacan to be lower than the Manila version because of this quality difference.

They expressed their disappointment online, pointing out that the same section in the Mall of Asia Arena will not result in the same experience in the Philippine Arena.

They worried that SEVENTEEN will not be able to fully experience a sold out concert in the biggest venue in the Philippines because of this.

2. Stage Design

The next big concern that CARATs brought up was the size of the stage. It was rectangular shaped with a smaller version extending into the Soundcheck section. The fan shaped venue surrounded its front.

Though it was an ideal layout for the topmost ticket holders, it would be difficult for fans in the lower priced sections—and thus those seated farther from the stage—to see the members.

Alternative designs quickly made the rounds online. One of them was a walkway that reached all the way to the Upper Box area.

Another option proposed by a CARAT was to mimic the design of other Be The Sun locations. They featured three walkways that connected the rectangular main stage to a smaller secondary one.

With both the allegedly subpar stage design and higher ticket prices, CARATs were quick to take to Twitter to air their concerns.

So frustrating because besides the subpar stage, the tickets are so expensive. 55,000 seats and this is what [the organizers] came up with? It’s already not an accessible area and this is the price. CARATs don’t deserve this. This is really a messed up treatment by the organizer.

— Twitter user @sevengasm

Some fans reminded their followers that no one would judge them if they chose to forgo the concert this time around due to the aforementioned reasons.

On October 27, Live Nation PH addressed the concern about ticket prices by including more seats in the Upper Box Regular section, allowing an unspecified number of fans to be able to avail of the lowest priced ticket option.

The fan club pre-sale will be held on Friday, October 28, for CARATs with a Weverse membership while the general public will get the chance to buy their own tickets the next day on October 29.

Read more about this issue below.

SEVENTEEN Is Holding An Additional Concert In The Philippines, But Pinoy Fans Are Raising Two Major Concerns To The Organizers

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