SEVENTEEN’s The8 Is Closer To NCT’s Haechan And Jungwoo Than Anyone Thought

Chenle and Renjun aren’t The8’s only NCT friends…

Through NCT Dream‘s Renjun‘s radio show Akdong Seoul, he and Chenle have shared just enough about their friendship with SEVENTEEN‘s The8 and Jun to leave fans happy they have each other.

While they started by having fun together and relieving stress, they’ve now moved onto communicating on a deeper level when they need to. Because The8’s found such supportive friends in them, it seems like he’s expanding his circle of friends to include even more of NCT.

From an interaction that eagle-eyed fans spotted during a recent music show airing, Haechan and Jungwoo are the new friends that The8 has become close with.

At the end of the show, SEVENTEEN and NCT 127 were standing on stage together. As the latter began to make their way off stage, they ran into a familiar face. Wearing a bright white shirt, The8 reached out a long arm to bring Haechan in for a quick hug. He wasn’t the only member The8 stopped.

After Haechan left the stage, The8 reached out his long arm once more. This time, he had hugged Jungwoo when he came within reach. Since The8 hadn’t merely waved or smiled in greeting to the two members, it showed they were pretty close.

Because fans had only known Renjun and Chenle were The8’s only friends in NCT, they were quite taken aback by the interaction. They pointed out that he may be closer to even more members than everyone initially thought.

If Renjun managed to get Jun in a photo beside Mark, during the same time where The8 had snapped pictures with him and Chenle, that might just be true.

Thanks to the friendship between SEVENTEEN and NCT Dream’s china-lines, the bond between both groups just keeps growing stronger and stronger.