SEVENTEEN’s The8 Revealed His Thoughts About Marriage As An Idol

He didn’t hold back and even shared his own future plans.

Out of all the SEVENTEEN members, there’s at least one who keeps everyone grounded in reality. That member is none other than The8. Honestly, he has no problem bringing fans down to earth, as well.

When a Carat attempted to deny they’d ever get married because of having SEVENTEEN, he set them straight. When the topic of marriage came up for himself, The8 was just as honest about what he thought.

During a past interview, The8 opened up about one of the dreams he wished for. While he claimed, “My dream is very simple,” it soon seemed more complicated than one would think.

Choosing his words wisely, he began to say, “It will be later in life, maybe much later… In the future, I want to own a house by the beach.”

It sounded like any other dream someone would have, even when The8 finished it. “And, watch the sunset together with my significant other and my dog.” He wasn’t giving up this dream for anyone, “I am working hard just for that moment.”

Taking into account what happens when an idol is romantically connected to someone, the interviewer pointed out how marriage among them is made into a “big issue.” They either face pushback like Super Junior‘s Sungmin or support like EXO‘s Chen with the outpouring of love for his newborn.

The8 didn’t have any negative thoughts about the possible challenges. He had a wise answer ready, “This issue is still quite far away, but [I’ll be] facing this very optimistically.” There’s no shame in knowing precisely what you want out of life.

He stated, “I think that I will definitely get married,” before immediately correcting himself. With confidence, he declared, “I will definitely get married.” The8 even made an expression as if not getting married wasn’t an option.

Many people want to find someone to love and share their life with through marriage. Even though he’s an idol, that won’t stop him from having that for himself in the future. Listen to The8 speak about it with complete honesty.