SEVENTEEN’s The8 Had The Best Response To A Fan Who Said They Wouldn’t Get Married

No one tells it like it is like The8.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 has been vocal about how his group and their fans should focus on living their lives to the fullest. And, he had that same approach when it came to this situation.


He was explaining that he’d think Carats would be married seventeen years later, enjoying SEVENTEEN’s music with their children. But, he was interrupted before he could finish the thought.

That’s when one Carat in particular yelled, “No.” The8 was taken aback with wide eyes as he said, “You’re not going to get married?” Instead of insisting that they must, The8 took an approach that fit him perfectly.

He returned to his original thought by saying, “Anyway.” Then, he continued as if nothing had happened, once again explaining that Carats would be married many years later.

So, he said he would be thankful if fans still supported SEVENTEEN with their children. And, the whole situation had made Mingyu laugh so hard that he’d leaned onto The8’s shoulder.

The8 isn’t afraid to face reality and speak honestly in a respectful way, even if a fan didn’t believe she would get married because she loved SEVENTEEN more. Watch The8 be taken by surprise here.