SEVENTEEN The8’s Bright Plane Fashion Is Turning Heads

He’s shining bright like a diamond.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 uploaded a photo of himself on a plane, and it’s gaining attention for something unexpectedly funny.


For his plane ride, he chose to wear an entirely green outfit literally from head to toe.

Another photo was uploaded to show how the neon color was so bright that it reflected off the plane’s surfaces.

The fashion was so bright Carats were quick to joke that he looked like he was glowing from the point of view of the other plane passengers.

They also likened the look to NCT‘s light stick based on the similar neon green colors.

It’s hard to deny that The8 is a trendsetter from rocking a mullet to various hair colors and now a neon green outfit. He’s not afraid of trying different looks, so who knows what he’ll wear next?