SEVENTEEN Thinks Woozi Is The Ultimate Angel When Helping Them Do This

They all couldn’t help but agree.

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi‘s appearance can sometimes look intimidating since he often tends to look more serious than not.


During a radio appearance though, SEVENTEEN revealed that he becomes an angel when performing one task.

When asked what they thought of Woozi when he’s working on music, Jeonghan said they get worried now when he isn’t directing them. That’s because he knows their strengths so well and can showcase them best. This led the host to ask if Woozi was scary when directing and Wonwoo‘s honest response.

Wonwoo said that Woozi is typically straight-forward and serious. When he’s in his director mode though, he becomes an angel.

To bring the best out of his members musically, Woozi has to be gentle yet thorough about the process, which shows how well he can adapt to situations. Now everyone knows why SEVENTEEN’s music is so well-balanced.