SEVENTEEN Unbox Their New Light Stick And Realize It’s Going To Blind Everyone

It even blinded Woozi.

SEVENTEEN‘s light stick, named the Carat-bong after their fans, went through an awesome update and the members are as thrilled as Carats are about the new version of it!


In an “unboxing” video they shared on their live broadcast channel, SEVENTEEN were spotted becoming completely mesmerized by the brand new, shining-shimmering-and-splended Carat-bong box and its revamped visual.

It says SEVENTEEN here on the box.

— Mingyu


The members then continued to review the contents of the box one by one, sharing with Carats how the “v.2” light stick has been improved from the original one. After unboxing the light stick, a wrist strap, and some customizable stickers, SEVENTEEN concluded the new Carat-bong is looking good!

There are stickers included in this box and that was inspired by Carats. So our fans would take the original light stick and decorate it with different stickers to make it unique. We got the idea from that and actually made it customizable this time!

— Seungkwan


SEVENTEEN also checked out the different functions included in the light stick. They decided to turn the lights off and test how bright the light stick can be… and everyone got blown away by the pure power of the Carat-bong!

It’s so bright, we don’t even need lights!

— Seungkwan


The members playfully warned Carats not to operate the light stick too close to their eyes. Here’s Woozi blinding himself with the Carat-bong, to demonstrate exactly why not:


Carats are excited about the new light stick design and can’t wait to get their hands on one!


Watch the full unboxing video here: