SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Was Shook By Hoshi’s Greeting For His Pet Tiger

Hoshi had some tricks up his sleeve.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s love for everything tiger left Vernon and the members hilariously surprised during a moment from GOING SEVENTEEN.

Hoshi | @ho5hi_kwon/Instagram

In the second half of their segment inspired by The Truman Show and I Live Alone, Hoshi introduced his pet tiger, a big stuffed animal simply named Ho Rangi.

When Hoshi entered his home for the day, he couldn’t do so without greeting his pet. Bending down and patting Ho Rangi on their head, Hoshi cutely said, “Daddy’s home.” The members hadn’t been ready for the greeting one bit.

The members laughed while Vernon’s mouth dropped wide open in shock. The pure look of startled confusion made viewers laugh as well.

The moment was made funnier by the tiger making noises in response to Hoshi, which Vernon called out. He asked, “Did he just play a tiger roaring sound on YouTube?

Vernon hit the nail right on the head. To give Ho Rangi a bit of life, Hoshi placed his phone under the stuffed animal and played tiger noises to make it seem like they were actually talking to each other.

Watch Hoshi prove he’s effortlessly funny, along with Vernon’s equally hilarious reaction to it all.