SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Sketches Of Hoshi And DK Are Undeniably Hoshi And DK

He captured them so perfectly.

In a recent live broadcast episode, SEVENTEEN played a few rounds of “Quick Draw”, the classic sketch-and-guess game, and Vernon released his inner artist when the prompt asked the members to illustrate each other.


The first prompt read “Prince Hoshi“. Vernon did not hesitate in sketching out Hoshi in a crown. While Hoshi had a minor complaint about how his portrait came out to look…


Seungkwan, who had the guess the members’ collaborative drawing, immediately guessed the answer correctly!

That’s Hoshi. Prince Hoshi.

— Seungkwan


The following prompt read “DK” and again, Vernon could not be stopped. In bold strokes, Vernon sketched…


… a very simplified version of King Arthur, as DK is currently playing that role in a musical. And as Carats grew astonished by this clever idea…


… Seungkwan had zero problem guessing correctly again, raking in two points for the team! Whatever Vernon is doing, it was surely working!


Here is Vernon’s 2D masterpiece up close:


Watch Artist Vernon in action in the live broadcast here: