SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Watched A Movie With A Complete Stranger On The Subway

S.Coups and Joshua weren’t ready to hear the full story 😂

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon never fails to amuse fans with his quirky personality, especially when sharing funny moments like his journey to master face mask application.

Vernon | Weverse

Thanks to the group’s appearance on MMTG, Vernon spoke about the time he watched a movie with a total stranger while riding the subway.

| Weverse

MC Jae Jae mentioned Vernon’s diary entry from 2013 where he took the subway home after practice and noticed the man next to him watching a movie on his iPad.

Instead of looking away, Vernon watched it too, causing the stranger to hand him one of the earphones to listen along. The members couldn’t hide their shock and laughter.

Afterward, Vernon and the stranger “exchanged business cards” before going their separate ways. The whole interaction was so unusual even Jeonghan had to ask, “On the subway?

Vernon summed it by pointing out he wasn’t alone in his quirkiness. He said, “I’m quite strange, I guess, but he’s strange too.

Vernon even spoke about the unique memory for Weverse Magazine.

It sort of felt like they asked me to watch it with them because it was better than that feeling of someone looking over your shoulder. (laughs) Back then I didn’t have much data on my phone and the subway had bad wifi so it was hard to watch movies on my phone.

— Vernon

Some of the funniest moments happen when you least expect it. Watch Vernon amaze everyone with his unique encounter with a stranger.

Source: Weverse Magazine