SEVENTEEN Vernon’s Collab With Tobi Lou Didn’t Happen Like You’d Think

It wasn’t planned at all.

SEVENTEEN sat down with Billboard for an interview and spoke about everything from their newest single “HIT” to their upcoming album due out next month.


So, the topic of Vernon‘s collaboration “Looped Up” with Tobi Lou naturally came up.

Although he and Tobi Lou spent time together discussing music when they met last year, that wasn’t when the featuring happened.

Vernon revealed that he’d heard the hook on Tobi Lou’s Instagram Story, and he immediately sent him a message showing his appreciation of it: “Yo, this hook’s fire.”

That’s when Tobi Lou simply asked the question, “Yo, you wanna jump on this?” So he sent Vernon the song as soon as he could, and that’s how it all went down.

Both artists collaborating together had been a long time coming for fans, but it happened such a laid-back way. Listen to what they created here.

Source: Billboard