SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Can Rap And Save Hoshi At The Same Time

That’s the ultimate kind of duality.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo is a man of many talents, thanks to his thirst for knowledge and learning new skills. Some things, like saving a fellow member, just come naturally, though.

During the group’s appearance at the Asia Artist Awards in 2018, they performed their tracks “Thanks” and “Oh My!”. In the middle of the latter, Wonwoo smoothly helped Hoshi avoid harm while also continuing his charismatic rapping.

As Wonwoo delivered his rap, he moved backward. Everyone followed his lead, moving to the side along with him. That’s where things got a little off track for Hoshi.

Full of his signature excitement, he was too eager to step to the side. Hoshi had accidentally taken larger steps than expected.

When Hoshi began to walk down the stage, Wonwoo immediately realized what had happened. Hoshi was close to running straight into one of the stage’s moving cameras.

While looking directly into the camera ahead and charismatically rapping, Wonwoo didn’t even have to look at Hoshi to save him. He quickly reached out a hand to pull Hoshi closer towards him. Hoshi didn’t hesitate to lean towards him.

Wonwoo saved Hoshi so effortlessly that no one would’ve noticed if the clip had bee taken from a different angle. Afterward, Wonwoo finished off his rap like the sweet badass he is. Hoshi was still his hyper self, bouncing around and cheering on Mingyu.

Although Wonwoo may not seem like he’s paying attention, he’s always making sure all of his members are out of harm’s way. He can do it without even breaking a sweat.

See Wonwoo smoothly move Hoshi out of danger while keeping the performance on track here.