SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Dad Ranked His Visuals In The Group

Wonwoo’s dad had them laughing it up.

At the mention of visuals in SEVENTEEN, Wonwoo is one of the members whose name comes up often. He drives fans wild by pulling off every look, from cute to sexy and anything in-between.

When Wonwoo’s dad ranked his son’s visuals among the other members, he caused laughter with his rankings.

In a moment from their pre-debut show, SEVENTEEN TV, Wonwoo’s dad visited members of the group when they were fresh-faced trainees.

With Wonwoo standing by his side, they asked him to rank his son’s visuals among all the trainees there.

While most parents would rank their children number one, Wonwoo’s dad made all of them laugh with his honesty. He said, “If it’s visuals, second.” Even Wonwoo burst into laughter, doing his best to cover it up.

If Wonwoo came in second place, he already had someone in mind who took the top spot.

Turning to look behind him, Wonwoo’s dad revealed that Mingyu‘s visuals had a little something more. He said, “To me, the first is Mingyu.

Mingyu was surprised by the compliment and quickly bowed to thank him.

Wonwoo’s dad was on to something. If Mingyu and Wonwoo are handsome on their own, together, they’re a visual attack.

Wonwoo and Mingyu. | @pledis_17/Twitter

Because all of the members have grown so much since then, who knows if Wonwoo’s dad’s ranking has changed? Watch the funny moment here.