SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Had One Requirement When A Fan Asked To Be His Girlfriend

He made everyone laugh with his witty answer.

Between his charisma on stage and his sweet personality off stage, anyone would be lucky to have SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo as a boyfriend. Fans couldn’t resist jokingly trying to figure out if they could be that lucky person.


Although Wonwoo previously shut down the idea of having an ideal type, he made fans laugh with a witty response to a similar question on the topic.

During the group’s online fan signing, one Carat asked a question that Wonwoo had to repeat. He echoed, “You want to be my girlfriend?” Wonwoo didn’t disappoint with how he answered.

Right before giving a cheeky smile, Wonwoo said, “Then, quickly go study.” Not only did the response make Carats laugh but it also energized them to keep their heads in their books.

Wonwoo is a man who can do both: being hilariously witty and making sure fans are staying on the right path.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

The fan from the clip laughed just as hard as everyone else, sharing it with the caption, “Okay, ‘my boyfriend.’ I’ll work hard studying.” See Wonwoo’s funny response for yourself.