SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Opens Up About His Heartwarming Happiness

His members seem to share it.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo recently sat down for an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, where the idol opened up about everything from his fashion choices to how he works on song lyrics.

The idol also shared one of the things he likes best about himself: his dedication to his interests.

When I am into something, I devote myself to that until the end. That’s what I like about me.

— Wonwoo

Wonwoo | ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube 

Wonwoo also opened up about the small but certain happiness that keeps him motivated despite his hectic schedule. Currently, SEVENTEEN are on their BE THE SUN world tour after recently having a comeback with “_WORLD.”

However, despite their busy schedules, Wonwoo explains that the members still make time to spend together outside of their work and practice. Even though they don’t have much time, they enjoy eating together.

Grabbing something to eat with my members in between schedules. That’s really a small but certain happiness in my life.

— Wonwoo

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube 

Seemingly the rest of SEVENTEEN also enjoys this small but certain happiness as they often share pictures and videos of their time together. Even recently, Jeonghan shared a video of all of the members having fun eating together while on tour.

Along with pictures of some of the members getting ice cream together.

Jeonghan, DK, and Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter

And eating in a hotel after their Oakland concert.

Vernon, Woozi, Hoshi, Joshua, and Wonwoo | @pledis_17/Twitter

Wonwoo’s small but certain happiness is undoubtedly heartwarming, especially since fans can see how much all the members of SEVENTEEN enjoy relaxing and eating together.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea