SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Spills On What His Favorite Self-Written Lyrics Are, And His Answer Is Sweetly Sorrowful

Writing lyrics can open a path to healing.

In an interview with ESQUIRE KoreaSEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo answered a series of questions, including those about his thoughts and efforts in writing lyrics.


Like the self-producing idols SEVENTEEN have been since day one, Wonwoo shared that he usually writes all his own raps. Woozi and their long-time producer Bumzu create the framework of the song and then give Wonwoo a theme to build his lyrics upon. After that, Wonwoo uses his imagination to write the lyrics.

Wonwoo was then asked what his favorite self-written lyrics were, and he was adorably confident as he stated that he loved all the lyrics he wrote.

It was hard for him to choose just one, so Wonwoo took some time to think before coming to a conclusion. In the end, he decided that his lyrics in SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop unit song “TRAUMA” were his favorite due to the meaning and weight behind them.

For “TRAUMA,” VernonS.CoupsMingyu, and Wonwoo all reflected on their own trauma to write the lyrics, so the words are personal and full of pain and desperate hope. Wonwoo shared that writing the words for his rap helped him work through and overcome the trauma he had been dealing with at that time.

If we look at the English translation of his lyrics, the deep emotions Wonwoo was dealing with hit hard. And while personal to him, the lyrics are relatable to many who are going through similar struggles.

Wonwoo: Accustomed to being forgotten
That’s my immaturity
Trauma arising from my doubts
What is the reason I’m alive?
Like a mudfish, some parts
Unfortunately make me miserable, I just wanna sing
Or else I’ll be more trapped in my trauma
My mind has become impoverished
Deeper and deeper, I can’t even find myself
Where is the end to this trauma?
I don’t even know, I need a hand to hold

Wonwoo’s lyrics are heartbreaking, but they also bring comfort to both the listeners and himself. In the darkest times, SEVENTEEN and CARATs have each other to lean on.

Source: Genius