SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo In High Heels Is The Look Everyone Needed

Move over Jo Kwon. Wonwoo’s joining the party.

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo blessed fans by baring his chocolate abs in photos from the Hip Hop Team’s feature in W Korea magazine.

In their recently released INSIDE SEVENTEEN clip from the photoshoot, Wonwoo blessed Carats with yet another iconic look.


While Wonwoo let out his sexy side in half-opened shirts that gave a glimpse of his abs, his footwear caught fans’ attention.

As Wonwoo faced the camera with a laid-back pose and chic expression, it turned out that he’d been doing so in a pair of high heel boots.

While Mingyu sat crouched, looking the part of a skater boy, Wonwoo was a total fashionista with his black boots. The chunky heel and silver details gave them extra flair.

Mingyu | SEVENTEEN/YouTube

Wearing high heel boots AND sitting on a skateboard? That’s a look from Wonwoo everyone didn’t know they needed to see.

When Wonwoo mentioned that he was open to wearing all fashion, he meant it. It looks like Jo Kwon isn’t the only male idol who can pull off heels.

Check out Wonwoo slay his W Korea look with the chic boots here.