Here Is How SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And MONSTA X’s I.M Proved They Are The Most Supportive Besties To NU’EST’s Baekho

Wholesome bestie vibes only.

This weekend, SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo and MONSTA X‘s I.M melted fans’ hearts by proving that they are the most supportive besties to NU’EST‘s Baekho.

Wonwoo already had fans feeling excited when he posted a picture to his Instagram story that showed two tickets.

| @everyone_woo/Instagram

He tagged I.M in it, who then re-posted it to his own story.

| @imnameim/Instagram

Fans were happy to simply see the two of them hanging out and going to a musical together…

But, of course, it wasn’t just any musical; Wonwoo and I.M were actually there to support Baekho, who is currently starring in the musical, Equal. Baekho made his debut in musical theater last year with Midnight Sun, and has since then proven his talent as a performer in the field. As a matter of fact, the story on Wonwoo’s Instagram story congratulated him on a job well done!

Fans have since then been feeling warm over the fact that Wonwoo and I.M went to see Baekho together as his supportive ’96-liner friends.

And they weren’t the only ones! Hoshi also showed his support by attending the musical the day before Wonwoo and I.M went.

We can’t get enough of the cute friendship these idols share. Sometimes seeing besties supporting and encouraging each other is the serotonin-boost one needs. In any case, the friendly history between the members of SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, and NU’EST goes back a long way…

…which is why now the only thing left, according to fans, is for them to actually post more pictures of themselves together!

After all, the gym buddies tease is still not enough!