SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Receives Praise For His Healthy Bulk-Up

He looks so healthy now!

SEVENTEEN‘s Wonwoo has long been known for his sharp visuals and lean, slender frame.

While Mingyu is the “official” visual of the group, Wonwoo has also been praised for his looks, appearing cool and handsome in pretty much anything.

In recent times, however, fans have noticed that the rapper has seemed to be bulking up somewhat. Not only is it making him appear more muscular overall, it has also given his sharp features a slightly softer appearance.

For some fans, they have mixed feelings over the change. They’re used to his sharp angles and thin frame, so seeing him gain muscle is something they aren’t quite sure how they feel about.

“That’s just a difference in taste. I can understand why the fans who don’t like bulking up wouldn’t like it.”

“He looks better after but I can understand why some fans wouldn’t like it.”

Most, however, are praising Wonwoo for the change, saying that he looks much healthier and even more gorgeous after bulking up.

“He’s handsome before and after but he looks prettier and healthier after. What “weight” did he gain?”
“Wonwoo seriously still looks sharp so I don’t understand how they can say thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ if that’s gaining weight, then what about me?…”
“Wow Wonwoo bulking up f*cking makes me want to join the fandom.”
“I want to be run over by his shoulders.”

Fans have also noticed that he seems more relaxed and confident now that he’s more built. Since he’s been working out a lot more and is reportedly gaming less, he deserves to be proud of his accomplishments!
“I’m happy that he bulked up. He looks happy and healthy. He wasn’t very confident with his body before, he didn’t like wearing sleeveless because he feels like he was too thin. But now he uses sleeveless a lot and even confident enough to wear a crop top. I’m so proud of him.”
“Wonwoo is much more healthy and confident with his body now, he worked out for himself. I wish these ungrateful fans to stfu.”
“Dude looked almost 2D before, I’m really glad he worked out and bulked up bcs of it. He is also ALOT happier now, fans would notice that he smiles and eats so happily in contrast to before. He also talks alot more. I hope people refrain from commenting on his body, he was uncomfortable before, and still is, just accept him being happier after bulking up.”

As long as Wonwoo is healthy and happy, that’s all that really matters. He has always looked amazing, but it’s even better to see him smiling and confident!
Source: Pann-choa