SEVENTEEN Wonwoo’s Sexy Side Came Out In Full Force With Crop Top

“24H” brought out the members’ sexy sides—especially Wonwoo’s.

For their latest Japanese release, SEVENTEEN went in a direction that was completely different from the colorful and bouncy “Fallin’ Flower”. To continue on their path of showing Carats something fresh, the group decided to show a sexier side of themselves for “24H”.

While all the members didn’t disappoint in the sexy category, Wonwoo caught fans’ attention for baring some skin with a crop top.

| SEVENTEENJapanOfficial/YouTube

As soon as Wonwoo came into frame wearing a red blazer and black shirt underneath, nothing appeared unusual. At least, until he began to lift his arms. While the camera panned outward, everyone got a glimpse of the crop top he wore.

Since Wonwoo is one of the members that takes extra care of his body through exercising, he gifted everyone with a small look at the abs he’s been keeping under wraps from everyone.

As if that wasn’t enough to have Carats feeling a little thirsty, the crop top combined with the choreography’s body waves had everyone feeling attacked. That wasn’t the only sexy side that Wonwoo showed, either.

Wearing a sleeveless sweater with ripped detailing, Wonwoo showed off his muscular arms.

Even though SEVENTEEN are known for their upbeat, catchy songs, they can just as easily pull off a sexy concept—especially Wonwoo. Check out the crop top that has fans feeling attacked here.