SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Could Snag An Endorsement Deal Without Even Trying

Don’t underestimate the power of Wonwoo.

In the final part of SEVENTEEN‘s camping trip for Going SEVENTEEN, they rewarded themselves for cooking up a big, hearty meal.


In the process, Wonwoo had unknowingly gained the attention of beer brand Stella Artois.

To take a break from all the hard work they put into cooking, they pulled out ice-cold beers and did a cheer to celebrate, enthusiastically raising their cups and cans into the air.

Typically, all of the brands idols use on camera are covered, with a strip of tape or something similar. That wasn’t the case here, with Stella Artois’s logo visible on the cans, from which DK and Wonwoo were seen taking sips. That brief moment alone sparked interest.

A Carat took to twitter, asking about information on the specific beer that Wonwoo drank during the episode. The brand’s Korean account took notice of Wonwoo and tweeted about it, wanting to know more.

Where did Wonwoo-nim drink Stella Artois?

The Carat had no problem sharing the video in question. Now that Wonwoo and SEVENTEEN are on their radar, they may soon be receiving a love call from them or at least a hefty supply of the beverage.

If Wonwoo can catch a brand’s attention from merely drinking a beverage, imagine how many endorsement deals he could snag if he actually tried. Watch him work his magic here.