SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Catches Hoshi Off Guard By Agreeing With His Positive Fact About Having 13 Members

Hoshi didn’t expect Woozi to catch on.

SEVENTEEN were trapped in a noraebang room, or singing room, in the recent episode of Going SEVENTEEN. Hoshi was far from phased upon learning this fact.


As he remained seated while everyone else figured out how to escape, Hoshi instead gave some advice.

He revealed that there are times when he doesn’t have to lift a finger with so many hands already working to complete a goal.

When you have many members, the good thing is that even if I don’t do anything, someone else does.

Having said something he thought he was cool, he smiled as Mingyu pointed him out. He wasn’t alone in his thinking, however.

Since Woozi was seated only two seats away, he’d heard everything Hoshi said. Like a badass, he finished Hoshi’s mini dialogue by saying he wasn’t the only one who’d caught onto that fact. Hoshi cracked up at being caught.

But it’s not just me who thinks that way.

With thirteen members, Hoshi and Woozi have learned a few tips and tricks. See them unintentionally agree.