SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Reason For Always Rejecting Hoshi Will Make You Think He’s A Genius

You may want to take a page out of Woozi’s book.

A fan asked SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi at a fan signing why he rejects Hoshi every time he comes close to him.

To get to the bottom of the issue, the fan gave Woozi four options.

seventeen woozi

He rejects Hoshi because his reaction afterward is funny; Woozi is playing hard to get; Hoshi can be bothersome; Or, Woozi just doesn’t like Hoshi being close to him.

seventeen hoshi

Woozi revealed his tsundere side by choosing the second option and had a good laugh at the last one.

To get the affection from Hoshi that he wants, Woozi likes to take the reverse psychology route. He gives Hoshi the intention that he doesn’t want him close, hoping that’s exactly what he’ll do.

seventeen woozi hoshi

If that isn’t something a genius would do, what is?

seventeen woozi

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