SEVENTEEN Woozi’s Late Night Heartfelt Message To Carats Leaves Them Ugly Crying

“The imperfect Woozi has the perfect Carats.”

On SEVENTEEN‘s official fan club site, member Woozi uploaded a long, heartfelt message to the fans — at two in the morning. The note, oozing with Woozi’s love and gratitude for his loyal supporters, now has everyone ugly crying.


With SEVENTEEN’s latest album sales soaring through the sky, breaking records and reaching new horizons, Woozi must have become emotional. He revealed to the fans how he felt preparing for the album’s release. It was, inevitably, burdensome for Woozi, who is — as a part of K-Pop’s unique ‘self-producing’ group — largely in charge of producing SEVENTEEN’s music.

Toward the end of the album production, I remember I wrote that it helped me realize a lot of things. Even until the last minute before the album was released, I was confident but also afraid. That “fear” was lurking in the back of my head…

— Woozi


Woozi shared that such “fear” grew without reason and he wasn’t sure how he could get rid of it…

I couldn’t help but have this strange feeling… that unknown fear and anxiety kept growing in my heart. And it also felt like the ways to relieve such emotions were disappearing too.

— Woozi


Trapped in such emotions, Woozi revealed that sometimes working on the album became difficult for him. He was often irritated, hypersensitive, and troubled.

I was looking for a solution. So I pulled all-nighters working on the album. When I wasn’t satisfied with my work, I’d get agitated with myself. I was extra sensitive. I questioned why we make music, why we dance, why, why, why. I was troubled while I was trying to find purpose and create one masterpiece.

— Woozi


Looking back, after the album’s huge success, Woozi realized that all the feelings came from his desire to do better and show only the best of SEVENTEEN to the fans. He called it “greed” and said it became poisonous to him.

I think our songs have come a long way from where we started. Our music has matured and has become something only for Carats. So I felt the need to create something more perfect, something I can be more proud of… and that kind of greed became poisonous to me. It made me too thirsty.

— Woozi


Now, however, Woozi believes that the finished album reflects all of that turmoil he and the rest of SEVENTEEN members went through. In other words, SEVENTEEN may have been nervous about the album, but with Carats’ unending support, they also came to find so much meaning in the work.

I’d say the third album ‘An Ode’ is like a mirror, reflecting all of what is going on with us right now. So it’s that more meaningful and that more special to us. We were so confident about it, but we were so nervous about it too. Hearing that the fans have been praying for us, to make us shine brighter… it made me think.

— Woozi


Woozi also came to understand that it was the fans’ love that relieved him of his fears and completed the album to the perfection that it is. He thanked the fans for always being there to “make the members shine”.

I think your love is what completed this album. I am so grateful for that. I am truly touched tonight. I want to keep telling you how much I appreciate everything. Thank you for always trying to make us shine. There’s so much I want to say, that I keep rambling… but here’s what I want to say. I am really, really grateful.

— Woozi


When Woozi called his fans “perfect”, Carats couldn’t help but cry their eyes out. The message only proved that Woozi loves the fans as much as they love him and SEVENTEEN.

It’s really hard to put into words. But SEVENTEEN have Carats. The imperfect Woozi has the perfect Carats. That’s a life to be grateful for. Thank you so much. SEVENTEEN will continue to strive to be better, to not let you down. Thank you Carats.

— Woozi


Woozi then apologized for the long message, deep into the night, and wished everyone goodnight before signing off.


Carats became so deeply moved by Woozi’s innermost thoughts included in this very personal message to them…

I want him to know that he has done everything so well, he is doing absolutely fine, and even when he doesn’t do so well, I will always be here to support him.

— Carat

You can tell that as a producing member, he has battled so much pressure and stress. I’m so happy that this album really took off. Good for them.

— Carat

He put so much heart into that album… and to have his fans be in love with such work? I’m sure he’s feeling all the feels right now. This makes me tear up.

— Carat


… and are definitely renewing their vows to remain loyal to the talented kings, SEVENTEEN!

Source: THEQOO