SEVENTEEN’s Short King Woozi Was Next To TXT At The 2021 KBS Song Festival, And Fans Are Shook By The Height Difference

The members of TXT are just so tall 😂

In 2020, when SEVENTEEN appeared on an episode of KBS‘s Music Bank, viewers and his fellow members alike couldn’t help but comment and fawn over the height difference between Woozi and then-MC TXT‘s Soobin.

Woozi and Soobin.

Thanks to the 2021 KBS Song Festival, fans got their second dose of this cute comparison when Woozi appeared on stage next to some of the other members of the famously tall group, TXT.

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During a performance where all of the groups gathered to sing together, SEVENTEEN and TXT were placed next to each other. So when the camera moved to capture them, Woozi was seen standing beside Beomgyu.

Seeing the height difference between them had fans joking that Woozi always seems to be placed next to the tall members of TXT. And with Hueningkai standing nearby and being taller than both Beomgyu and Woozi, it highlighted their heights even more.

Hueningkai, Beomgyu, and Woozi.

With Woozi seemingly magnetically attracted to other, taller idols, fans have been having a field day with it and loving every moment.

Woozi isn’t the only idol TXT’s gentle giants look tall next too, though—even BTS looked a bit smaller next to their juniors.

Stan short king Woozi.

Source: Twitter