SEVENTEEN’s Woozi’s Humble Goal For Their Music Will Make You Emotional

He doesn’t ask for much.

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi is a music mastermind who works hard to make sure the music they release not only represents them but what they want to express.


Although he works endlessly on it, Woozi revealed that he doesn’t have lofty expectations when it comes to the goals he sets for their music.

When asked about it, Woozi stated precisely that in an interview with Billboard. The one goal he sets is far more straightforward than anyone would expect of someone so complex.

I don’t set high goals, honestly.

Knowing that there’s at least one person who experiences happiness from listening to their music, that’s all that Woozi needs. For him, it’s about creating music that makes people feel a connection to it.

If our music is making someone happy right now, my goal is already achieved.

Although artists typically set goals of receiving recognition and winning awards, Woozi is happy with people simply enjoying their music. Listen to his response about it here.