Solo Versus Group: SEVENTEEN’s Songwriting Genius Woozi Picks Which One Is Harder To Produce For

There was a clear winner.

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi is one of the most critically acclaimed songwriters in the K-Pop world. He even recently brought home the “Best Producer” award from the 2021 Asian Artist Awards.


Woozi doesn’t only write songs for his own group (“Adore U,” “Pretty U,” “Home,” and more) and other artists (I.O.I‘s “Downpour,” fromis_9‘s “Love Rumpumpum,” etc.) but also for himself. He released Ruby, his first mixtape as a soloist, on January 3.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Woozi was asked about the difference in difficulty when making songs for the group versus for himself: “Have you found there’s a difference between when you’re making a song for SEVENTEEN versus a solo song?”

Songwriting for SEVENTEEN is something he’s used to. He can easily take a step back and look at the music he’s producing in an “objective” way.

I think I’m usually pretty good at being objective about what direction the music should take when I’m producing for SEVENTEEN.’

— Woozi

Thoughts such as “This is cooler” and “This sounds more like it,” come more naturally when he’s making tracks for his group of 13.

Surprisingly, Woozi finds it harder to compose for himself. He’s not used to being the only person singing the song.

But for solo songs, that objective view of whether this or that is good gets blurry.

— Woozi

| @woozi_universefactory/Instagram

To address this unexpected issue, Woozi has reached out to his friends more than before. He said, “I’ve gotten a lot of advice and help from my colleagues.”

| @woozi_universefactory/Instagram

Despite the challenges, Woozi’s solo mixtape ended up receiving positive reviews! Check out the official music video below if you haven’t seen it yet.

Source: Weverse Magazine