Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Wrote “Ruby” In English

“I didn’t plan to do it in English at first.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi debuted his first solo mixtape and took everyone by surprise with the rock track “Ruby”. Since the song is in English, Woozi revealed how that came to be.

When being interviewed by Weverse Magazine‘s Kang Myung Seok, Woozi revealed that English hadn’t been the original choice for the track. He said, “I didn’t plan to do it in English at first.


After working on the song for some time, he realized that English was the perfect way to pull off the concept. Woozi explained, “I spent a lot of time thinking about how to write it while making the music, but there were lots of words I could use in English that let me convey things in an intuitive and tough way.

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Despite it taking “a little extra effort,” Woozi knew “the right way to do this song would be to write all the lyrics in English.” Through “Ruby”, he was even able to show a side of himself he hadn’t shown before.

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With explicit lyrics like “Sh*t, this is red too” to elevate the tough vibe, Woozi showed how using different languages can change the direction of the song.

He admitted, “Some of those things I probably wouldn’t have said if it were in Korean, but since I was using a different language to say things I wouldn’t normally, I felt like I was a different version of myself from a different world.

Woozi’s decision paid off with a unique track that only he could pull off.

Source: Weverse Magazine