SEVENTEEN Wreck Carat Hearts With A Total UwU Back-To-Back Aegyo Train

Someone call the ambulance, multiple Carats down.

At a recent fan meeting, SEVENTEEN took requests from eager Carats who wanted to hear and see different things from the members. SEVENTEEN and Carats spent quality time making some special memories together…


… and as for the grand finale, a good hearted Carat blessed everyone watching by asking the members to do a relay of aegyo!


SEVENTEEN members all formed a line, turned around, and waited for their turn to showcase their best aegyo…


… and as Jun started off the train of UWUs, Carats were immediately thrown in to hyperventilation mode. Here’s the first half of that visual wowza:


And the second half:


The thing is, Carats couldn’t be any happier being attacked thirteen times in a row. Any Carat would gladly take that again…


And that’s the Carat way of life!

Here’s the full video, so you can indulge.