SEVENTEEN’s Latest Album Has Already Sold Twice As Much As Their Previous Albums

They are becoming more popular as each day passes!

SEVENTEEN‘s first week of album sales for An Ode has already sold twice as much as their previous album, Teen, Age.

As seen in the picture above, over 700,000 copies of An Ode were already sold. In comparison, Teen, Age sold 215,669 copies in its first week according to Hanteo Chart’s sales reports.

Fans praised Seventeen for their exponential growth.

Wow … Look at their crazy growth ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– Korean Netizen

They’re rising to be one of the top boy groupsㅠㅠ

– Korean Netizen

This news may not come as a surprise for many considering how SEVENTEEN broke their own first day sales when An Ode was released a few days ago.

SEVENTEEN Breaks Their Own First Day Sales Record With “An Ode”


Source: Theqoo