SEVENTEEN’s D.K Was Scared For Woozi To See His Musical

He had a good reason to be.

SEVENTEEN were discussing D.K‘s musical Xcalibur when Seungkwan asked an interesting question regarding the members.


He asked if D.K had been nervous while acting, knowing they were in the audience watching him.

D.K said that he had, but it had been magnified knowing one particular member was there: Woozi.

He was afraid that Woozi might correct his pitch and direct him while he was on stage.

It was because Woozi had taught them a lot, so D.K thought he would be paying close attention for any little mistake.

Fortunately for him, his imagination had run away with him. But, Woozi sure can look mighty intimidating. Listen to D.K’s funny response to Seungkwan’s question at 7:19.