SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Had The Most Adorable Interaction With A Fan During Their Interview With BUILD

Hoshi made this fan feel right at home… literally.

SEVENTEEN just closed out KCON New York with an iconic performance, and to talk a little bit about that and their plans for their upcoming tour they sat down with Jeff Benjamin for BUILD.

During the interview, Jeff asked them which members embodied the concepts for their You Make My Day and You Make My Dawn albums. The members picked Dino as the representative of You Make My Day and Jeff called him the bright sun in the back.

They picked Wonwoo as the member who best fit the You Make My Dawn concept.

As Wonwoo was saying “thank you” a fan called out from the audience “that’s my baby!” Hoshi couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by so he called back “mom!”

The audience, Jeff and SEVENTEEN all burst into laughter as Hoshi repeated “Oh, mom!”

See the hilarious moment for yourself below: