SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Cute, But Becomes Even Cuter When He’s Embarrassed

Hoshi is indeed very hard working!

In an episode of Inside SEVENTEENSEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was caught practicing a single dance move from the group’s title song “Fear”.

The dance move is similar to how a person infected with poison would walk, in alignment to the group’s concept which is being intoxicated with poison, poison being a representation of fear.

However, while working hard on perfecting the dance move, Hoshi saw fellow member Jeonghan sitting in the corner of the practice room watching him dance. Hoshi was quick to run to his hyung because of the embarrassment he was feeling.

He acted like a baby and held Jeonghan’s hands and cutely begged him not to watch.

Hoshi covered his embarrassment with smiles and laughter, but couldn’t hide that he was shy about the attention. Jeonghan being the good hyung that he is, agreed to Hoshi’s instructions and told him that he wouldn’t watch him practice anymore.

After countless times of practicing, Hoshi obviously perfected the choreography as he was able to show it well with lots of emotions during the group’s comeback promotions.

Watch the full video here:

Source: Mnet Mcountdown