SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is A MONSTA X Member In Spirit With This Outfit And Dance Move

His friends would be proud.

SEVENTEEN performed a sexier version of “Good To Me” for Music Bank that left fans feeling attacked by Mingyu, and now there’s been something else revealed from the performance.

A fan captured footage from a different angle that put Hoshi‘s killer stage presence on display.

When it was his time to shine, he powerfully jumped to the center while pulling back his jacket to reveal his bare shoulders and see-through shirt.

Fans noticed that the outfit would be something MONSTA X usually wears, like Shownu did during “Alligator” promotions below, and the move was powerful like theirs as well.

So, Hoshi could’ve easily fit into their group for a quick round of promotions with MONSTA X any day. And, they’d let him because they wouldn’t turn down their friend.