SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals The Inspiration Behind The Choreography For “Spider”

There is a meaning behind every move!

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi recently shared the inspiration behind the choreography for his track “Spider” when he took fans behind the scenes of his music video.

Looking at his song’s lyrics, Hoshi shares the meaning behind the words and what he wanted to convey with them.

The lyrics mean that I’m trapped in the other person’s spider web, but that I like being trapped.


Hoshi then explains how all of this connected to his vision when creating the choreography for the song!

I wanted to give the impression of being trapped. So if you look at the bars from the front, it’ll look like I’m trapped.


In the music video, the use of bars is unique and creates the perfect story to portray the meaning of the lyrics. It was this and the idea of incorporating it into his performances that made it attractive for Hoshi.

I liked the idea of using pull-up bars because it was original, and I liked that I could use the stage three-dimensionally, not just the one flat surface.


From the music video to the stage performances, “Spider” is nothing short of a masterpiece and perfectly embodies the message Hoshi wanted to share.

Make sure to check out the full video below!