SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Spoiled “HIT” So Smoothly That No One Realized Until Now

The slight wink should’ve given it away.

During an interview with Billboard back in February, SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi gave everyone a spoiler they didn’t understand yet.


And, all of the little hints made it all the more clear what he was trying to do.

When they were discussing what the next steps for their group were, Hoshi said a few words that make more sense now than they did before. He said, “World-famous hit song,” while winking one of his eyes slightly.

This made some of them burst into laughter like S.Coups who grabbed onto Hoshi’s shoulder followed by Jun. And, some of them smiled at the well-placed spoiler for their song “HIT” while the rest tried to hide their smiles.

No one can stop Hoshi when it comes to this. Watch the king of spoilers give Carats what they wanted but didn’t know they got here.