SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Dad Is Extra AF In Supporting His Son & SEVENTEEN

He promotes SEVENTEEN better than Pledis.

SEVENTEEN has been promoting overseas in Japan, but Hoshi‘s dad is gaining attention for being as extra as his son. All of his energy is spent on promoting his son and SEVENTEEN, and Carats are awed.

Hoshi’s dad carries around a stamp of Hoshi’s signature, and he gifts fans with a stamp whenever he meets them. It’s such a creative idea and effective way to promote his son.

Not only that, he carries around autographed SEVENTEEN albums for whenever he comes across a fan. How adorable and supportive is that?

And at SEVENTEEN’s most recent concert, Hoshi’s dad even stood up and danced to hype up the crowd. He not only held one Carat Bong (SEVENTEEN’s official lightstick) but he held two!

To take the extraness to the next level, Hoshi’s dad even communicates with fans by sharing positive words with them.

He’s doing so well in promoting his son Hoshi and SEVENTEEN that Pledis Entertainment may just have to ditch all of their marketing plans and take advice from him. Who wouldn’t want an autographed album or a stamped signature?

Source: Nate Pann