SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi’s Dancing For “HIT” Was So Powerful He Broke The Floor During Filming

This is the power of Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN held a special live broadcast to celebrate their newest single “HIT”, and they revealed a bit about what happened behind the scenes of Hoshi‘s sexy rain scene.

Mingyu said the scene had been so sexy that he screamed while watching it. Then, he remembered the incident with the bottom panel and asked Hoshi if he could mention it.

After laughing, Hoshi explained that he’d been dancing on a panel during the rain scene. And, it couldn’t take the force of his powerful dancing. So, it broke.

Because of that, a staff member called out to him during filming. And, they told him that he needed to pay for it.

Hoshi is the leader of the performance unit for a reason, and this is definitely it. Listen to Hoshi talk about his literally ground-breaking dance at 33:41.

And, check out the sexy scenes that made Mingyu scream here.