SEVENTEEN’s Jun Reunites With His “Dad” Super Junior’s Heechul

The lookalikes have come together again.

SEVENTEEN were guests on the recent episode of Knowing Brothers, and they were just as chaotic as usual.


It became even more so when Jun said there was someone there he wanted to meet. So, he walked over to Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s desk and called out, “Dad!”

It had been so surprising that Kang Ho Dong yelled out, “Dad?” while Heechul and Jun shared a hug to commemorate their reunion. To make it even funnier, Jun said that he’d missed Heechul.

With an arm resting upon Jun’s shoulders, Heechul explained why he had a “son.” When Jun was younger, his looks resembled Heechul’s so much they could’ve been the same person.

Even now, they still resemble each other to the point where Heechul declared Jun as his visual twin.

Watch the hilarious moment of father and son meeting that could only be made possible by these two.