SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Is Driving Fans Crazy With His Black Hair

He rocks the look.

Photos of SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu have been making their rounds, and people are going crazy over how good he looks.

The idol dyed his hair back to black, and fans are loving how his original hair color looks on him. Not only that, but he also got an undercut to pull the whole look together.

People are saying that it brings them back to the “BOOM BOOM” era Mingyu.

People are complimenting the idol’s new hairstyle, with some even joking that the ‘do him handsome enough to kill. And of course, the fans are not wrong. Just look at how attractive Mingyu is!

People are so in love with the look that he even started trending on Twitter. The power of SEVENTEEN’s visual has is impressive.

Can’t wait to see more of black-haired Mingyu!


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