SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Shows What Not To Do With Your Light Stick

Vernon had to issue a warning because of him.

SEVENTEEN were showing how beautiful and bright their new light stick was, but Mingyu took away from that moment with his own funny mishap.


And, he showed Carats exactly what not to do with their light sticks.

After Mingyu had unboxed his light stick, Joshua unscrewed the top to reveal its full beauty. But, that’s when it went downhill.

When Mingyu took it back, everything seemed fine until the diamond on top fell off. And, everyone had hilarious reactions to his butterfingers.

Vernon and Jeonghan stared blankly; Woozi, Wonwoo, Hoshi and D.K stared with a smile; S.Coups, Joshua, and Seungkwan playfully scolded him; Dino, Jun, and The8 were unbothered and unsurprised.

Vernon was so done with Mingyu that he had to issue a warning for Carats: “Just because it opens easily, it does not mean that you are likely to drop it easily.”

Seungkwan looked on the bright side by saying that the light stick would still function when dropped and taken apart. He also gave a warning though: “It can fall off, so please be careful.”

There’s always someone who sets an example for everyone else, and that person was Mingyu this time. Learn from Mingyu’s minor mishap at 3:21.