SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Tries And Fails To Stop Hoshi From Roasting Their Company

Hoshi said everything he wanted to say about how they’re treated.

At SEVENTEEN‘s recent fan meeting, Hoshi began to speak his mind about what he thinks about their company Pledis Entertainment.


He awkwardly began by saying that he really likes the company now and explained why.

Hoshi listed the positive changes in what they’ve received from their company like a new car, a new Inkigayo waiting room, and now being treated to tasty food. Leader S.Coups realized that Hoshi’s words could be interpreted negatively.

That’s when he tapped Hoshi’s shoulder and told him that he was painting the company in a negative light. Hoshi simply glanced at him before going on to say that it had been hard for him before.

S.Coups tried to clean it up by saying it hadn’t been hard and Hoshi again continued with his speech only to be interrupted by Mingyu. By then, Hoshi had already said most of what he’d wanted to.

Hoshi is typically introverted. When he has something to say though, nothing can hold him back, at least not more than one person.