SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan And D.K Are So Close They Can Read Each Others’ Minds

It was in that moment, they realized it.

SEVENTEEN‘s D.K and Seungkwan have such a special connection they even surprised themselves, and it showed after Seungkwan, Joshua, and Wonwoo had watched D.K’s musical.


A teary-faced Seungkwan greeted D.K, and this made him reveal something about the performance: “While I was singing the last part, I suddenly thought of Seungkwan.”

Seungkwan was visibly taken aback by this, covering his mouth with his hand. That’s because he said, “That was when I started crying.” It was like they’d somehow sent each other their thoughts.

The telepathy was so strong that D.K said “I almost cried right then! I almost cried because I suddenly thought of him.” It was almost like he could sense that Seungkwan had been crying, and it made him want to as well.

After sharing that coincidence, a still-emotional Seungkwan reached for D.K and they shared a brotherly hug.

Having known each other for so long, sometimes things that seem to much of a coincidence happen. Watch them discuss their telepathy here.