SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Has A Personal Photographer And It’s Someone Close To Him

Hint: he’s always by his side.

During his trip to Jeju with Dingo, SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan had to take high quality photos of himself while in a flower garden.


He was confident in completing the task because he’d just reached two million followers on Instagram, so he gave himself a round of applause.

Then, he revealed the secret to some of his photos. He called over his manager, who had majored in photography while attending college.

Manager Jeon knew how to capture the perfect photos and he even directed Seungkwan on what would look the best, literally lending a hand for the sake of good photos.

The fact that Seungkwan even knew about his manager’s skills shows that he took the time to learn about him. Watch Manager Jeon help out Seungkwan with his task here.